Method: Fur Transfer

Usage: Any animal replica/puppet
This is a reasonably sturdy application but should be carefully considered before applying to an animal replica/puppet that may be vulnerable to wear and tear.

Fur transfer is a process where fur is shaved off it’s fabric or hide backing and attached to the body of the puppet or replica. Although this can be a time consuming process it allows for a flexibility in the fur that can result in very natural looking finish. This is particularly useful when the finished product will need to flex (animatronics, cable operated props etc.)
To accomplish this, tape is applied to the fur side to keep the nap intact then it’s shaved off the hide or fabric backing. A special glue is then airbrushed to the newly exposed fur creating a new flexible backing allowing the fur to be bonded to the animal or puppet form.

In this example of fur transfer work, goat fur has been transferred to the legs of a dog.


frontpaw back paw