Mechanised Peacock Tail

Phil of Phil’s Animal Rentals had a problem. Male peacocks just won’t raise their beautiful tails on command. They only show off their tails during mating season and then the tail is shed every year. Of course, this stunning display is exactly what Phil’s clients require “on cue” for their productions.
Phil contacted us to see if we could create an artificial tail that would sit over the peacocks back and be raised whenever needed during filming.
We created a fan shaped mechanism attached to a frame operated by a cable pulley to raise and lower the large tail mechanism. Peacock tail feathers were assembled onto the tail fan to match the arrangement of feathers on a real peacocks tail. A sleeve covered in individual feathers placed under the wings of the bird transitions the tail mechanism into the body of the real peacock.
The result is a tail that fans up and out over the peacock’s back as nature intended with no discomfort to the bird and “on cue”.

Mechanism by engineers Lon Muckey and Mark Irwin.
Feather work by Chief Critter Aina O’Kane and Tracey Roberts.